Introducing Spartico Certified Organic Spanish Red Blend with No Detectable Sulfites

SPARTICO-500We have recently released the 2015 Spartico red blend, USDA Certified Organic with No Detectable Sulfites. The full, rich wine is a 50/50 blend of Spain’s most prominent and popular Tempranillo grape as well as Spanish Cabernet. It’s available at fine retail outlets nationwide including Whole Foods Market.

The luscious wine truly captures the pure expression of
the grapes, without the use of any additives, including sulfites. It took several years to perfect a winemaking process that would create a quality and stable wine without the use of any added sulfites in production. The wine is made with the finest grapes, harvested by hand, in pristine conditions. Spartico is fermented in steel tanks, un-oaked with no aging, then sealed with twist cap to keep out unwanted, potentially spoiling oxygen. The wine is juicy, smooth and tangy with a tannic finish.

The wine is elaborated by Bodegas Iranzo winemakers Francisco Gabaldón, Professor of Enology at Spain’s oldest School of Enology, and rising star winemaker Raul Herrero.

Spartico front - contains no detectable sulfitesWhat is Certified Organic Wine?
All Bodegas Iranzo wines are Made with Organically Grown Grapes, but most have a small amount of sulfites. Wines labeled as “Certified Organic” contain no added sulfites. Bodegas Iranzo has developed a proprietary method to ensure the wine’s stability without the use of sulfites in production.

artisania espartoThe name Spartico and the label design are derived from the word Esparto, or Esparto Grass. For centuries Esparto Grass has grown alongside Spain’s vineyards, providing various forms of life sustenance (woven tapestry, coverings, papers) for the grower families. Spartico wine celebrates the venerable union of terroir and man — a biodiversity between Esparto and Spaniards— that has lasted through the ages.